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Happy Easter/Passover

Saturday, April 19, 2014   On Behalf of the West Hamilton Beach VFD we would like to wish you a Happy Easter and a healthy and safe Passover.



2 Alarm Private Dwelling

Saturday, April 5, 2014   E944 and A947 responded to the report of smoke from a second floor window upon arrival FDNY E331 transmitted the 10-75 for a working fire.



Third Alarm Private Dwelling

Friday, March 28, 2014 0059  On March 28th 2014, at 0059 hours, a report for smoke on the top floor of a two story private dwelling was received. A947 and DC942 initially responded, with E944, C941 responding shortly after. A947-1 responded to the staging area due to the 3rd alarm.



Long Island Mega Show

Saturday, March 22, 2014   AEV & Specialty Ambulance chose our vehicle to be used in their booth at the Long Island Mega Show - Fire - EMS.  The vehicle was built by AEV and Specialty Vehicles of  Long Island. 



3 Alarm Brush Fire

Saturday, March 15, 2014   E944 and A947 responded to the report of a small area brush fire upon arrival the box was transmitted for a large area brush. 



947s First Call in service

Monday, January 6, 2014  Multiple phone calls were received for the report of a two car mva with possibly one car into a house. Ambulance 947, newly delivered and put into service responded for its first call.  There were no serious injuries on scene, A947 transported one patient with minor injuries.

Photos taken by R.York



Deadly MVA on Belt Parkway

Sunday, December 15, 2013  FDNY and NYPD Units were assigned to respond to an MVA with Pin with multiple incorrect locations given. ESU 9 responded to the Laurelton Parkway at the N.Conduit Exit with negative results while FDNY Units searched the Belt Parkway, North and South Conduit Avenues. E331 eventually came across the MVA on the Nassau Express Way (A location not given) right under the Cohancy street overpass. They immediately requested an ambulance on rush for a patient with a serious limb injury and 2 other patients with minors. A JHMC Bus took the serious aided and a minor injury patient while arriving WHBVFD took the second minor injury patent who was an on duty DSNY Supervisor. The incident occurred a short time after the WHBVFD held a Neighborhood Christmas Tree lighting. Heavy rain and snow were a factor in this collision. NYPD HWY 3 CIS Unit was assigned to the scene for an Collision Investigation. 12/15/13 00:30Hrs

Story and Photos by R.York



2nd Annual Christmas Tree Lighting

Saturday, December 14, 2013   WHBVFD hosted our 2nd annual Christmas Tree Lighting hosting the neighborhood to enjoy the spirit of Christmas as a whole.



Queens Courier Coverage

Friday, December 13, 2013   West Hamilton Beach fire crew gets new ambulances to replace ones lost during SandyOver a year after Sandy, two shiny new ambulances pulled up to the West Hamilton Beach Volunteer Fire Department to replace the ones the storm took away.

“Things like this bring back a positive morale,” said State Senator Joseph Addabbo, who got a ride in one of the new rigs after they were delivered on Thursday.

“Anything we can do to get back to the point of how we were before Sandy, or better than we were before Sandy,” he said.

Before the superstorm, the crew moved one ambulance from the beach town, which is below sea level, to “higher ground” at the Rockwood Park Jewish Center on 84th Street. It survived, but sustained some damage. The other truck was unsalvageable.

After the floods ravaged West Hamilton Beach, the roughly 45-man department received ambulance donations from Long Island and has since been operating status-quo with two ambulances.

But now, more safety and security has been delivered with the brand new rigs, upping West Hamilton Beach’s ambulance count to four.

“This will be a help to the community like everything else,” said Jonah Cohen, the department’s fire chief.

Now, the emergency crew can work without worrying about a vehicle breaking down, Cohen said.

“They’re first responders who are in a unique, isolated area,” Addabbo said. “When there’s any kind of emergency, severe storm, everyone looks to them. I’m speechless by the work they do here.”

The fire department needs two ambulances to operate efficiently. They will primarily use the new vehicles, keep one for back-up and donate the last to another volunteer fire department.

“To get two rigs that could help in a life-endangering situation, this is a life-changer,” Addabbo said.



The New 947 & 947-1 have Arrived!

Thursday, December 12, 2013   Today we received our new ambulances that have been built to replace the vehicles lost during Super Storm Sandy. These vehicles were purchased with the help of Duane Reade, our community as well as many others. 

Special Thanks to John Purcell of Specialty Vehicles/AEV



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